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Ljubljana Student Showcase

In Slovenia’s Multimedia and Graphic Technology Secondary School Ljubljana, an exciting event took place for Story Valley. The multiplier event was organized on June 15th, 2023 at the Trubar house of literature in Ljubljana city center.

Five students took the stage to present stories they had written during the school year. Each performance was given in a different style, making it a unique experience. One student read their story in Slovene, another student chose to read their story in English. Two students acted out their story as a dialogue.

One student accompanied their story with the melodic strumming of a guitar. And another student prepared an audio-visual presentation. The vibrant diversity and creativity of the students' presentations really brought their stories to life!

Overall it was a successful event for Story Valley with an audience of more than 30 people. The event not only showcased the students’ stories but it also supported the blooming of their diverse talents.

You can get an impression of the event by watching the video:



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