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Not 'Goodbye", But "See You Later"

It was a bittersweet moment in Leeuwarden for the last transnational partner meeting for STORY VALLEY. Project partners from Edinburgh, Nottingham, and Leeuwarden gathered together to celebrate the great accomplishments of the project.

In the spirit of the project, everyone came prepared with something to share; a song, a poem, a performance… All very personal, with details remembering the great moments spent together. Sadly partners from Ljubljana could not make it to this final farewell.

In the 3 years of STORY VALLEY we worked hard together to create the Online Community & Platform, the Student Program & Teacher Pack, and the Story Valley Policy Advice. Students who worked on the project also created memorable outputs such as an illustrated book, a school newspaper, short videos, songs, performances, and even the logo and branding of the project itself.

The last meeting in Friesland was not a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later’. We all have our fingers crossed to be nominated for a Brussels award, and will continuously be looking for opportunities to work together again.



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