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Story Valley; Logo Presentations; Brand Identity; Students in the lead;

A video filmed in Edinburgh during the first partner visit for the Erasmus+ Story Valley project. Colleges in Edinburgh, Leeuwarden and Ljubljana, along with other partners, are collaborating to create teaching materials that will help to improve literacy as well as cultural understanding through the creative process. In this video you can hear from Partners, Lecturers, and Students about the Story Valley pilot projects that are currently running in Edinburgh, and in virtual collaboration between all three colleges. The staff and students outline the value of each of their projects, some of the challenges faced, as well as the impact on a personal level and from a teaching and learning perspective.

The students attended a workshop from a professional journalist Kristina Božič. This was a part of the project "Zgodilo se je čisto blizu nas" at Ljubljana Multimedia and Graphic Technology Secondary School in collaboration with Ljubljana UNESCO City of Literature marking the 30th anniversary of the beginning of war and the arrival of BiH migrants to Slovenia.

Connecting Stories Connecting People is a project that brings together students from different backgrounds and allows them to learn about each other's heritage in an engaging way through storytelling. The students choose their own discipline and are mentored by a professional artist. The end result is a collaborative art piece.

Best Practices

Do you need inspiration? We have collected stories to wow you and give you inspiration to get started with Story Valley Academy in your classroom. 

Need more direction? You can take a look at the short videos about Story Valley projects we did in our schools to give you more insight into the process. 

These are the best practices of our project.

Connecting Stories, Connecting people

Journalism workshop at SMGŠ

Story Valley Projects Video

Story Valley Logo Presentations

Story Valley Academy in Ljubljana (Teaser)

Connecting Stories Connecting People - Parts 1, 2, 3

Story Valley; Connecting Stories Connecting People; Using museum objects to tell stories.

Story Valley Academy experiences Blogs

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