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Partners’ Meeting in October

Edinburgh will be hosting the first Story Valley partners’ meeting in October, coinciding with the Scottish International Storytelling Festival and the 250th anniversary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott. The programme will allow the partners to see both the work of the Story Valley project in action at Edinburgh College and an opportunity to meet with the city’s literary sector and cultural partners to learn more about the work and projects taking place in Edinburgh. Partners will also be able to learn about Edinburgh College and the work of its Creative Industries faculty to allow the exchange of good practices between the VET and further education institutions. There will also be an opportunity for partners to further work on each of the Intellectual Outputs face to face (for the first time!) and to meet some of the students participating in the project. Throughout the programme, there will be a strong cultural element to ensure that the partners get to experience Edinburgh’s literary and cultural heritage and to experience the city’s Storytelling Festival.

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