Story Valley

Story Valley  uses oral history as a driver for improving literacy skills, preserving cultural heritage, and enrich it with the oral history and heritage of other cultures.




Story Valley uses visual, audio, and digital materials to help reinterpret student stories by combining oral history and innovative, creative literacy techniques.

Students come together from different backgrounds and cultures and work together to practice their English, their national language and to learn about each other's culture.

We aim to inspire students to read, write and speak in different languages, and to use their creativity to translate their stories to new media and platforms. This way, students will be able to strengthen their key competences in literacy and language in an engaging and creative way.

In the approach of using oral history as a driving force, we use an interdisciplinary way of learning to contribute to several European key priorities:

  • Raising awareness of the social and educational value of European Cultural Heritage

  • Strengthening key competences in Vocational Education & Training

  • Social inclusion: supporting the integration of people with migrant backgrounds