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Story Valley students publish school newspaper

On Tuesday 10th May, the students taking part in Story Valley at Srednja medijska in grafična šola in Ljubljana presented their special issue of the school newspaper Pixel. Over the course of their Story Valley journey, the students in Ljubljana have been learning more about the lives, stories and histories of people who have sought refuge in Slovenia, coinciding with the commemoration of thirty years since the start of the Bosnian War which saw many people move from Bosnia to Slovenia.

On their Story Valley journey, students learnt more about this wave of migration to Slovenia through a series of workshops, and then transformed what they learnt into a special thematic edition of the school newspaper.

This edition of Pixel was put together with the help of journalist Kristina Božič, who acted as Editor-in-Chief and provided students with valuable advice and guidance on their writing. The newspaper showcases the students’ hard work, including a survey on public perceptions of refugees, an interview with the former head of a refugee centre, the story of a student’s parents’ experience of escaping the war in Bosnia, book reviews, and a comic strip.

To celebrate the hard work they have put into producing the newspaper, students presented their contributions to the newspaper at the Vodnik Homstead literature house (also home to our partners Ljubljana UNESCO City of Literature), along with journalist Maida Džinić, who kicked off the series of events at the school in September 2021 with a lecture on her refugee experience.

Congratulations to the students for all of their hard work and to thank you to everyone who shared stories with the students as part of their Story Valley workshops, helping them to put together this timely and important newspaper.

If you would like to take a look at Pixel, you can find it here in Slovene and English.



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