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Friesland College students discover each other's heritage, culture and stories in the Fries Museum

On Monday 7 February, students from Friesland College will embark on a journey of discovery in the Fries Museum. In the context of Connecting Stories – Connecting People (CS-CP) , the students get to work with storytelling and heritage. CS-CP is a collaboration between two European projects: STORY VALLEY and Rebelah whose common denominator is the creation of understanding and inclusion between the Dutch and the new Dutch.

The program allows students to strengthen their language skills in a natural, non-formal, and fun way of learning. Connecting Stories – Connecting People (CS-CP) is a project in which students from Friesland College (Dutch students and newcomers) learn together about heritage, each other's culture and language skills with the creative use of Story Telling and art. The project encourages students (Dutch and new Dutch students) to read, write and speak in different languages ​​by converting stories into creative production (multimedia, art, dance, etc.).

The project brings together students from different backgrounds and allows them to learn about each other's heritage and stories in an engaging way. The stories form the basis of the artwork that they will make. See choose the discipline yourself.

On 7 March, the students' artworks will be presented in the Fries Museum.

Partners CS-CP: Friesland College, Learning Hub Friesland, New Noardic Wave, Fries Museum, RUG, Story Telling Center Amsterdam



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